Return to the Familiar

I’ve decided to change back to my old template, with a few additional tweaks. (Although the category achieves aren’t looking right, yet.) I think my reasons for changing back to some familiar has to do with all the other changes in my life right now. I like things to stay the same, and right now the look of my blog is about the only thing I have control over.

What I wouldn’t give for it to be three weeks from now, with quanta and I settled in our new place. I know I am stressing way to much about this though. Because, when it comes right down to it, what will it matter a year from now, or even six months from now? All this will be behind me, and I will be in a better place (mental, physically, and spiritually) because of it. Sure, the apartment may be smaller, and the building not as nice (no pool!), but being closer to family and friends, and in a city where there are job opportunities for me, is much better then being here.

I am such a suck sometimes.

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