Job Search Update

Interview – 2
Jobs – 0

One job I know I didn’t get because the lady was kind enough to call this morning and let me know. The position was as a Research Assistant for a placement agency. I was a bit unsure if I wanted to work for them because, well, I find placement and temp agencies a little shady. But, this place seemed nice enough once I got there. I didn’t, however, sign on to be one of their candidates. But, when the lady called she told me my test scores were very high (for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, tested using Qwiz, an industry standard testing system), and she had another position for me. Uh oh. The position turned out to be way out of town, so I turned her down. She said she would be in touch shortly, as soon as she had another position for me. Right. I’m holding my breath. Apparently placement agencies say things like this all the time, and then rarely every get back to you.

I know I didn’t get the second job because I have yet to receive a phone call from them. I would have loved to work for the catering company, but I’m not surprised that they didn’t choose me. My interview was interrupted so many times that I am sure they didn’t remember me. It is very unlikely that my nice thank you note went noticed either.

Next week the job search will continue. There’s got to be something out there for me, beside babysitting phones.

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