More on the Job Search

My job search is very frustrating. There are a heck of a lot more jobs available here. On Monday, there were more posted on one site for TO then I saw for London in one month! But, so many of them are looking for 2-3 years experience, or 6-9 years, or whatever. How am I supposed to get this experience if every job is looking for someone with experience? Even entry level jobs want someone with 2 years experience. *sigh* I know that ads give an idealized view of the sort of person they are looking for, so I am still applying for jobs that I have the skills for but not the experience.

I find that I am limiting myself because I have to agree with, or at least not hate, whatever the product or service is that the company provides. For example, I am applying for a receptionist job with a yoga studio. I’ve got no problem with that. But, I’m unsure of a similar job with a company that provides investigation services for other companies. They seem a little shady and a little like they try to union-break, etc. Also, I don’t really want to apply for a receptionist job with a union, for various reasons. (Partly because there is going to be some huge trouble between the provincial government and unions soon, and I don’t want to be out of work if strikes start to happen.)

I know I need to work to pay off my student loans and to feel like I am looking after myself. But, I can’t take just any job. I’m learning I need to be true to myself. I also realize that I am very lucky to have the opportunity to be so selective.

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