It is the start of our third full day here in Toronto. I just went out to dumpster out back and took a little walk around the building. (Mostly because I couldn’t get the side door to open again with my new key.) I like it here. It is so quite and peaceful. We live in a small building, among about six other small buildings, in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. For those of you who know Toronto, we live in the area called Swansea, near High Park. We aren’t to far from the bustle of Bloor West Village’s shopping district, and just a short trip away is the busy, busy downtown. (And my fav bookstore!)

I think I can be happy here. We are living in a huge city, but we are also close to nature. There are duck and goose crossing signs on our street! It is the best of both worlds, I think. I don’t think I’m happy yet; that will take time. But for now I am content. Which isn’t so bad, really.

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