A Trip to the Bin

I just took out a bag of garbage and ran into our super. Our garbage bin is full to over flowing, and there are several bags on the ground by it.

“Did you just put garbage out?” she asked.

“Yes, I did. I can’t keep it in my apartment.”

“You put in on the ground?”

“I did, near the other bags,” I told her. She had obviously seen me do it.

“Well, that’s not were garbage goes. Put it in the bin for the apartment next to us. Animals in the ravine will be all over the bags.” The other bin is clearly labeled “Building X” and is not owned by the same people, but I did so anyway.

“Are they coming to empty our bin soon?” I asked her.

“They were supposed to be here two weeks ago.”

Riiiight. Wouldn’t your time be better spent calling them to find out where the heck the are? Or maybe try talking to the lease holding company that owns this building and getting them to do something, other then babysitting the obviously overflowing garbage bin. I didn’t do anything wrong by taking out my garbage, yet she made me feel like it was my fault. I wonder if she will go around to all the apartments, trying to discover who put out the 20 or so bags that are there, and get them to move them into the bin for the other building. *sigh*

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