To Do

Thankfully sometime yesterday afternoon the TO garbage collectors graced our humble building with their presence and picked up our trash. It’s been two weeks since they have so blessed us. Funny how they have been picking up the trash for the building next door. Both bins sit in the same driveway, about 20 meters apart. Ours is the one furthest back, so maybe they just didn’t feel like driving that far. Who knows?

We also got some nifty new furniture for the front lobby yesterday. It’s very art deco inspired, in mint and red. Yeah, it sounds like ass, but it actually looks really good. If I remember, I might pop upstairs later and take a picture of it.

I’m hoping I can shake myself out of my rut today. I’ve been really down for the last week, after finding out I didn’t get either job I interviewed for. I’ve wasted so much time, just sitting around and being sad. Well, I have gotten a lot of cross stitch done, but not much else. Sometimes it does feel good just to do nothing much, but when I do that for to long I realize that I’m wasting what little time I have in this life. There is so much I want to do, and even more that I want to learn. Yet, I let time slip away like I am going to live forever. And really, it feels so much better to relax after I’ve done some hard work.

So, the plan for today:
– hand washing (I have some delicate sweaters and such that can’t go in the washer and that are piling up)
– write
– maybe an exercise from Right to Write or a new article or two for The Lotus Pond
– study my Tarot cards (I’ve been ignoring them too much lately)
– go for a walk
– laundry
– find and apply to two jobs
– plan a rough draft of a new template for this blog and another

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