Friday Five

It is a typical rainy, gray early spring day outside. The sadness of the weather combined with the joys of PMS makes me want to spend the day in bed with a good book. But, I feel awful taking time for myself like that when I know that quanta is hard at work. So, instead, I’m sitting on the sofa trying to write. It’s not working very well. To hopefully jump start my creative juices, I’m working on this week’s Friday Five.

What was…

1. …your first grade teacher’s name?

I believe my first grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Britain, but I really can’t remember. I do have a book that contains all my old report cards, various school projects, etc., but it got misplaced when my parent’s moved out of their house. It is probably moldering away in their basement storage unit at their apartment.

Even though I can’t remember her name for sure, I do remember the impact she had on me. I was an awful speller until about grade seven, but she did her darnest back in grade one to help me out. She would give me extra hints on how to learn the week’s spelling words. I think she knew I could do it because I was such an excellent reader. A few years later, when I was in grade five, we were assigned grade one reading buddies. My buddy was Mrs. Britain’s current worst reader, who she had requested be assigned to me because she remembered by skill at reading. I remember being able to get my buddy excited about reading, and by the end of the year, he was one of the top readers in the class.

2. …your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

I’m really not sure. Back then I think it was My Little Ponies. I just loved them! I had lots of different ponies, the grooming stable, and the large pink castle. I never wanted a real horse though. I think that is because my uncle lived on a farm, and when we visited I got to see how messy and smelly horses really were. They were pretty fun to ride, though.

3. …the name of your very first best friend?

Holly Kritchen was my first best friend. I really wonder what she is up to now. I think I remember hearing that she got married last year.

I have a lot of memories of her. Like when she split her chin open in kindergarten after falling off one of the playground structures. I spent ages in the hospital, waiting for her to get stitched up. I also remember arguing with her over when a day began. I kept trying to tell her that a new day started at midnight, but she was convinced the day started at 6 am. Why? Because that is when the TV guide showed a new day starting! 😀 I wonder when she finally realized that I was right. 😉

4. …your favorite breakfast cereal?

My parent’s never really bought sugary cereal for me. I remember loving puffed rice, instant oatmeal and Shredies. I also remember eating a lot of grapefruit when I was in middle school.

5. …your favorite thing to do after school?

After school, I would often go to Holly’s house to play Barbies, or she would come to my house. I loved my Barbies, and I hated to give them up as I grew older. Now I have two collector Barbies (the Egpytian Princess and the Irish Princess) and my grandmother’s small Barbie collection (an old Malibu Barbie, a few knock offs, and another old Barbie, along with some clothes). I do hope that I have a little girl one day so I can buy Barbies for her. I’d also like to collect some more of the collectable Barbies, such as the Japanese Princess, Chinese Princess, and Enchanted Mermaid.

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