So I think I figured out what is wrong, that nagging thing at the back of my brain that I can’t figure. And it was pretty easy really:

What should I do with my life?

Easy question to answer, eh? Do I follow my dreams at the risk of being broke and alienating friends and family? Or do I do the “normal thing,” and make everyone, except me, happy? And what are my dreams? I’m not sure I ever stopped to ask myself.

The quick answer would be to write. I’d love to write a wonderful fantasy novel that takes place in a magical world that I would want to live in. But, I don’t have any idea what the plot would be beyond that, nor do I think I would ever really want to publish a novel.

I used to dream of being an Egyptologist, or a teacher, or even a nun. (Funny, since I’m not nor have I ever been Catholic.) Now I’m not sure what I dream of. It has been so long since I’ve felt really free to dream.

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