Respecting Myself

quanta said something very eye-opening to me last night. I was, as usually, putting myself down for some reason. He said “Are you sure you don’t want to be a Christian?” Confused, I asked what he meant. He’s Catholic, so I really didn’t understand what he was getting at. Then it dawned on me. He said something like “You say so many bad things about yourself,” and I said “I’m carrying around guilt like a Catholic, eh?”

One of the reasons I left Christianity was because I didn’t like the focus on sin and punishment and feeling bad about yourself and your actions. Yet, I haven’t really moved away from it. quanta sure did a good job of getting his point across last night. I am a good person, and I am pretty, and smart, and nice. I need to stop beating up on myself just because I don’t meet some self-imposed, ridiculous standard. Wicca is a joyful religion. I am not honouring the Lord and Lady or myself by being so down and self-critical all the time.

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