Mad, Mad TV (1)

I finally got a chance to watch the second episode of Mad, Mad House. The first episode wasn’t so bad, but I did wish that the Wiccan “Alt”, Fiona Horne, would have been shown a bit more. This episode, she performed a sort of modified ritual. It was actually quite nice, even though a couple of the guest didn’t really get it. One in particular, Kelly, seemed to release her fear, but in her case it seemed to be something that she used to define herself and, so, she wasn’t able to let it go in any degree.

The person eliminated at the end was Kelly. Her comments showed exactly why she wasn’t suited for the house. She referred to the “Alts” as freaks, etc. Obviously she didn’t have a very open mind, which is quite sad. There is a great deal that one can learn from people who are different from themselves. But, when you are so afraid of yourself and the opinions of others, it is nearly impossible to grow. And believe me, I would know. 🙁

Earlier tonight, quanta and I were having a bit of a discussion about the “Alts” on Mad, Mad House. We were talking about just how normal they really are. I think that is kind of the point of the show. Sure, it features so-called freaks that are different then the average middle-American (which I’m guessing the show is aimed at). But, at the same time, it shows just how normal they are. quanta commented about how ordinary Fiona is. I laughed and said he should know that Wiccans are just like anyone else. It is only our rituals that set us apart (and the pounds of jewelry that some choose to wear). I haven’t exposed quanta to any rituals yet, only the occasional meal that ties in with the current Sabbat.

Although Mad, Mad House is simple entertainment, I think it is doing a relatively good job of showing how normal “Alts” are, and how close-minded “ordinary” people can be.

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  1. Rilana says:

    I am so glad “Kelly” was voted off. She annoyed the heck out of me. I have been keeping up with the show too. I enjoyed the ritual that Fiona performed. I thought it was well done.