A Price on Mom

I found this article through The Zero Boss. I guess I’m just really cheap, because my mom’s gift won’t be part of that estimated $1 billion. (Uhh… if they considered Canada in that figure, which they probably didn’t. But you know what I mean.) That isn’t to say that I don’t think my mom isn’t important, and that I’m not getting her a gift. Quite the contrary.

This year I hope to have my mom come for a visit so I can make a nice dinner for her. She has always wanted to try some real Chinese food, so that’s what on the menu so far. (I make a good crab and cream corn soup.) I also plan to give her a homemade gift. Personally, I know I would rather recieve a gift that someone spent 20+ hours making, instead of some smelly candle or sparkly do-dad that they picked up on their last trip to the mall. (Note to quanta: emeralds aren’t sparkly do-dads, so feel free to buy those for me!)

As for the rest of the figures in the fancy “Top Spending Holidays” graphic, it is no wonder that Americans are so highly in debt. (And Canadian’s aren’t far behind them, from what I understand.) It also has me wondering where my $100 Valentine’s Day gift is…

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One Response to A Price on Mom

  1. Marc says:

    yeah, don’t trust those “averages” too much; you get around 5% of the population that spends several millions in that survey, and it boosts up the average to make it look like the average joe spends 100$, yeah right.