The Need to Write

“Writing books is too good an idea to be left to authors,” says Thomas Mallon in his book A Book of One’s Own: People and Their Diaries. How true that is. I write because I need to, not because I ever intend to publish a book. The words inside me need to escape, into my private journal, my public blog or my website.

I’m really not sure why I feel the need to make some of my work public, especially the things I am sharing here. I suppose, like most people who keep blogs, I feel that I do have important things to say. They may not be earth shattering, but they still need to be said. And, because of the way blogs work, it is easy for people to choose whether they want to read me or not. Sometimes, though, I wish I had a little wider audience. I often feel like I am screaming into the darkness, and all my insights are going to waste. And then I come off my high horse and realize that what I have to say is no more important or special then what anyone else has to say. The important things is getting the ideas and words out of my head and on to some paper or a computer screen. Then I can examine then and find out what I really think (or know) about something. And sometimes (most of the time) I am really surprised.

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