Unconscious Mutterings 73

Yesterday was a busy day. I spent approximately four and a half hours redoing the computer room. We now have nice new decks from Ikea. And the computer room no longer looks like a leftover from our university days. I still need to do a bit of rearanging and reorganizing, but my back is killing me. Sadly, I had to do nearly all of the work by myself because quanta’s parents all but kidnapped him last night.

Anyway, enough whining, on to Unconscious Mutterings.

  1. Lounge:: Rest
  2. Photograph:: Picture
  3. Catacomb:: Dungeon
  4. Crucifix:: Cross
  5. Fire drill:: School
  6. Tube:: Sock
  7. Dropped:: Class
  8. LTD:: Wha?
  9. Panther:: Cat
  10. Formica:: Table

Unconscious Mutterings

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