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It’s time for another Witches Weekly. (This weeks questions were donated by: Liv)

Wearing Symbols in Public

Do you wear any religious symbol jewelry/clothing? If so do you wear it openly in public?
No, I generally do not wear any religious symbols in public. When I was much younger, and fairly new to Wicca, I used to wear an ankh ring and a pentacle ring. In university, I wore ankh earrings almost every day (they were so small most people mistook them for crosses). Just after university, I wore a pentacle pendent, but I usually kept it in my shirt. Currently, I am looking for a small gold pendent, pentacle or ankh, to wear. If I found one, I might wear it in public, depending on what I was doing. I wouldn’t wear it at work, because as I have said before, I feel religion is private and has no place at work.

How do you feel about the issue of wearing religious symbols in schools and how some young teens are forced to remove their religious fashions?
If all religious jewellery is included, then it doesn’t bother me. So, no pentacles, cross or Stars of David. I think it teaches children that they are more then their religion, and allows them to get to know someone who they might not normally want to know because of their religion. I do feel, however, that young ladies should be allowed to cover their head. That is one of their religious tenants, and not a fashion statement like religious jewellery is.

Have you ever experienced a confrontation about wearing your jewelry in public? How did you handle the situation if so?
I have never had any sort of confrontation about my jewellery. Once, one of my co-workers mistook my ankh necklace for a cross and asked me when my confirmation was. (She wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box.) A few years ago, when I was wearing a pentacle necklace, it slipped out of my shirt while I was helping a rather matronly customer decide on a game for her son. When she noticed it, I saw her eyes get larger and she grabbed the game we were talking about, quickly bought it and left the store. I’m not sure that my necklace caused it, but it seemed that way to me.

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