An Arrest

You may or may not remember the couple of entries I made regarding the missing little girl from Toronto who was found dead several months back. (Read Little Girl Lost and The Missing for a quick recap.) Today, the Toronto police have announced that two suspects have been arrested in relation to the case of Cecilia Zhang, and are facing unspecified charges. I sincerely hope that they have found the people who did this awful thing, and that the Zhang family can start to get some sort of closure.

Read the CBC Newsworld story: 2 charged in Cecilia Zhang case: report

And thank goodness that the neither have any known tie to the Zhang family. It seems to me too often that some crime against a child can be traced back either to the family or someone who was supposed to be looking after the child. In this case, that hasn’t happened, nor did I expect it to, and I am relieved on one hand, but also confused on the other. Why do people think it is okay to hurt a child, or anyone, they don’t know?

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1 Responses to An Arrest

  1. Tracie says:

    No idea. Absolutely no idea. I have seen stories like this near Orlando, and I ask myself, “Could I harm a child in this way? Would it be even remotely possible?” No, it would not.