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As you can see, I didn’t sleep in this morning. Some of you might think 8am is sleeping in, but I was hoping for something closer to, say, 10am. Oh well.

Since I’m up, I figure I may as well do this week’s Witches Weekly.

Pagan Community

How did you choose the specific path you’re on? (Druid, Wiccan, Sumerian)
I think I’ve told this story a few times here on the Pond, but I’ll give a quick summary. After reading the Bible as a tween/teenager, I came to realize that Christianity wasn’t the religion for me. I did a lot of research, mostly into well known religions, until somehow I came across Wicca. Like most Wiccans, when I found Wicca I felt like I was coming home. It just felt right, and it still does.

What do you feel you contribute to the pagan community?
I am a solitary, and quite happy to remain so. But I do feel that I contribute to the online community through my website, The Lotus Pond. I am, hopefully, providing information that is accessible to newcomers which negates some of the misinformation that many books and websites spread. I am also always willing to answer questions that I receive.

How long have you been an active member of the pagan community?
I have never been a really active member of the pagan community. But I have been supporting it, in my own way, for over 13 years now.

Witches Weekly

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