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As you can see, I didn’t sleep in this morning. Some of you might think 8am is sleeping in, but I was hoping for something closer to, say, 10am. Oh well.

Since I’m up, I figure I may as well do this week’s Witches Weekly.

Pagan Community

How did you choose the specific path you’re on? (Druid, Wiccan, Sumerian)
I think I’ve told this story a few times here on the Pond, but I’ll give a quick summary. After reading the Bible as a tween/teenager, I came to realize that Christianity wasn’t the religion for me. I did a lot of research, mostly into well known religions, until somehow I came across Wicca. Like most Wiccans, when I found Wicca I felt like I was coming home. It just felt right, and it still does.

What do you feel you contribute to the pagan community?
I am a solitary, and quite happy to remain so. But I do feel that I contribute to the online community through my website, The Lotus Pond. I am, hopefully, providing information that is accessible to newcomers which negates some of the misinformation that many books and websites spread. I am also always willing to answer questions that I receive.

How long have you been an active member of the pagan community?
I have never been a really active member of the pagan community. But I have been supporting it, in my own way, for over 13 years now.

Witches Weekly

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  1. Ari says:

    Here, here! Some of the people that wear the little tiny shirts with the lowrider jeans..should be fined by the fashion police! In my travels around, I’ve noticed that about 1 out of every 30 females in that outift looks good in it! In other words, ladies..your not as thin as you think you are! They just don’t get it! Cover it up, please..it’s offensive! LOL!