Silence at the Keyboard

Now that I am working from home I am feeling so much better. It’s not so much that there is no stress in my life anymore. I’m working on a few important projects, and I often feel stress about whether what I am doing is of high enough quality. It is more like that in the quiet of my day I can actually hear myself. There is no subway rumbling beneath my feet every couple of minutes, or a phone ringing, or a customer at the counter; there is only the noise that I want. Sometimes it is classical music, sometimes it is a meditative recording, or sometimes it is nothing at all.

In some ways time has actually become more of a friend than an enemy, too. I’m not longer watching the clock, counting the seconds until I can go home. Now I can fit my work around some of my needs.

I really don’t know how long this contract will last, nor do I know how long I will be happy working, or staying, at home. But right now I am focusing on doing a good job and enjoying the peace.

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