Some More Thunder, and a Small Tree

The pedicure socks were finished and given to my mom as a gift this past weekend. She loved them. A second pair of pedicure socks, for me, has been put on indefinite hold. I made so many mistakes, that I figured they weren’t meant to be. Now I am working on a pair of socks using Mary Maxim’s Bamboo Soft Stripes. (Sorry, no picture yet.)

Cross stitch-wise, I’ve finished stitching the biscornu from Celtic Thunder. It still needs to be sewing up, but that shouldn’t take long.

And, another small Christmas design finish: Tree by Bucilla. Again, like Snowflakes, I will probably make this into a package tie.

So, that is finish 7 and 8 for my 50+3 Project Challenge. I do have one other design done, but it is a Valentine’s gift and is in the process of being turning into something. I will share it in a couple of days.

My current WIP, besides the socks, is the bourse from Celtic Thunder. I’m stitching the inside section right now.

And here is a closeup of the stitching. It is done in Gloriana’s Victorian Garden, which is perhaps one of my favourite colours of their silk.

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