Miss Manners is Always Right, Right?

Apparently, Miss Manners thinks that doing needlework in public is fine: Miss Manners: Old-school ways to be distracting

Now, as both a knitter and a cross stitcher, I agree and disagree with Miss Manners. I think that knitting in public, preferably without a pattern or constant use of a tape measure (is it 10cm yet!?!) is fine. Maybe not in the first row, but quietly in the back with non-metal needles that don’t tck-tck-tck.

Cross stitch, on the other hand, is best done in one’s own home or with a group of like-minded folks. There is too much checking of patterns, switching of colours, and snipping with scissors. Don’t get me wrong, I would cross stitch everywhere if I could. But I don’t want to soil my work or offend anyone with all the sharp tools I’m carting around.

I will admit, though, that I used to cross stitch in class in university. I finished a whole lot of little Christmas ornament and clothes peg angels in class. I wasn’t the best student, and at least if I cross stitched I was awake for the class. (Oddly, I was a great student in high school and I still consider myself pretty smart. University just wasn’t the right place for me.)

On to the finishes! The Celtic Thunder biscornu is now sewing up. It looks lovely. I may go back and add some Delica beads around the edge if I have enough left over after finishing the bourse.

Celtic Thunder biscornu by Enchanting Lair

Fabric: 28 ct. Bonney Heather from Enchanting Lair
Threads: Dinky Dyes and Gloriana silks
Beads: Delicas and Swarovski

Next is a Valentine’s gift I stitch for my husband, Love Letters by The Chocolate Cat.

Love Letters by The Chocolate Cat
Fabric: Unknown 32ct. linen
Thread: Dinky Dyes #25 Ruby
Finishing: pin keep

And, lastly, another knitting (almost) finish. The first in a pair of socks using a Mary Maxim pattern (Bamboo Sockies) and Mary Maxim Bamboo Soft Stripes yarn. The yarn is a bit splitty, but I like it.

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1 Responses to Miss Manners is Always Right, Right?

  1. Leigh says:

    Celtic Thunder is gorgeous. I can’t wait for the bourse.

    Socks — you are too brave (LOL).

    I agree with Miss Manners, creative use of downtime is not offending, but I prefer to read for the same reasons you’ve stated.