A Little of This, and a Little of All of That

I’ve had a pretty flighty week. I haven’t been able to settle down and work on any one piece in particular. Since I last posted, I have stitched on the following:

  • Celtic Thunder bourse by Enchanting Lair
  • A Dragon’s Lullaby by Dragon Dreams
  • Camelot Miniature by Teresa Wentzler
  • a piece for a gift
  • a piece for an exchange
  • Christmas Treasures by Victoria Sampler
  • the second Bamboo Sockie

I’m also in the process of kitting up Baby Man’s stocking, Growth Rings from the latest JCS, and Jeanette Douglas’ tree design in JCS. I just can’t decide on what I want to work on.

The funny thing is, most of what I’m working on isn’t really my style, per say. The TW piece definitely is, and the DD piece is more or less. The VS piece isn’t really, but I do enjoy the silks and all the speciality stitches. The gift piece isn’t, but it works well for the recipient. I’m not sure about the exchange piece, but hopefully the recipient likes it. (It is making me smile. 🙂 )

If I’m going to get anything done, I really need to concentrate on one or two pieces. I wish I knew why I felt the need to be all over the place this week.

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