A Wee Bit of Dragon, Christmas and Crochet

For all the designs I’ve stitched on in the last week or so, I don’t have much to show. I’ve been to flighty, as I mentioned lately, so I haven’t spent much time with any one design in particular.

The good news is that those blue Bamboo Sockies are nearly done. They are in the baby’s room and he is asleep right now, so I don’t have a picture to share. Hopefully I will have a picture of them done, and maybe even on my feet (wow!) in the next couple of days. (I’m still totally jazzed by making my own clothes! From sting! With sticks!! Wow!!)

I’ve also been stitching on a piece for an exchange. It is nearly done. I’ve slowed down a bit on it though because I really hate stitching with DMC white. This probably comes from stitching Lavender & Lace’s The Wedding twice. (I also won’t use Permin linen anymore because of this.) Does anyone one have any suggestions for a white they like better, like Anchor? I’m going to be doing Mirabilia’ Winter White Santa, and I’m dreading all that white.

I started my crochet class this past Saturday, and it isn’t going well. Admittedly, neither did my first knitting class, and that is already almost like second nature. Hopefully next week will go better. My goal is to make this shawl: Pentacle/Pentagram Shawl. It is probably a bit much for a beginner to tackle, but I’m nothing if not ambitious.

On to the pictures! First is Christmas Treasures by Victoria Sampler. It is stitched with the thread pack, which includes NPI, Gloriana, Kreinik and other silks. I’m using 28ct. Cashel in Taupe. I’ve made a small change already (dotting the “i” in Christmas), and will make a few other changes, like making the cardinals the same colour.

Next is Dragon’s Lullaby by Dragon Dreams. This is a class piece from the fall CreativFestival, but it is now available on PatternsOnline. I don’t have much done on it yet, but I think it is super cute and hope to hang it in the baby’s room when he is a little older.

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1 Responses to A Wee Bit of Dragon, Christmas and Crochet

  1. Owldaughter says:

    (I’m still totally jazzed by making my own clothes! From sting! With sticks!! Wow!!)

    Isn’t it incredible? TWo sticks, string, two stitches, and wow. I’m still stunned that I can make things and people will *wear* them!

    A friend has just made her first sock, and she’s trying to seduce me into the sock-knitting world. I am resisting.

    Hey, are you on Ravelry?