Alone and Never Apart

Growing up as an only child, I really learned to value quiet time to myself.  To this day, there are few things I enjoy more than sitting by myself and indulging in one of my hobbies, be it reading, knitting, cross stitch or occasionally writing.  But now that I am a mommy, quiet time doesn’t seem to exist any more.  Some days I don’t even get a break when I’m in the shower.  More then once, Baby Man has escape from his papa and poked his head around the shower curtain.

Once in a while, quanta lets me escape for a few hours of shopping and lunch by myself.  And I will be totally honest, I look forward to this time more then I probably should.  I plan for it all week, trying to take care of other errands so that I can do just the few things I want to do, alone, without rushing.  But, somehow, when I’m out I feel a little lonely.  I’m a wee bit sad when I see other people with their little ones, and my thoughts turn to home.  I think that being a parent changes something deep inside.

I have no foreseeable break from the little man until a week Tuesday, when I will be escaping to my favourite spa in Stoney Creek, ON.  In the meantime, I will be dealing with a teething little man, and although I may get frustrated, I can’t imaging being apart from him.  That is, until my crochet lessons start the following Saturday.

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