Radio Killed the News Anchor

I’ve spent the last couple of days listening to the radio instead of watching TV during the day.  Oddly, I’ve found that is has already made a bit of a change.  Mostly, I’m not so darn worried about the Swine Flu or the Global Economic Meltdown Crisis.  I think hearing a very condensed version of the news about once an hour, rather than the endless news offered on TV, sandwiched between lovely classical music makes everything much more pleasant.

OMG, 1 in 4 of us will get the Swine Flu according to the news!  Whaa!  Oh, but wait, this is a lovely and relax Mozart piece.  And so goes my day.  I’m hoping, also, that Baby Man is absorbing some culture by some sort of osmosis from all this radio listening.  Either that, or he is going to be able to put me in a very spiffy retirement home thanks to all the commercials they run during the day.

Seriously though, I think there is something to be said for removing yourself from the endless 24 hour news cycle on TV and the Internet.  Listening to the radio I learn the about the most important news stories, and I can choose to follow up with them online or not.  I can also tune out the news and just focus on the lovely music, something you can’t do when watching CNN or CBC Newsworld.  Why not turn off the TV for a little while this week and try the radio.

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