The 50 Project Failure and a So Long

A while back I signed on to take part in a 50 Project Challenge. Essentially, I pledged not to buy any more patterns, and very little other stash, until I finished 50 projects. Well, I’m a total failure. I’ve bought a bunch of patterns, knitting and cross stitch, as well as all the materials I needed to make them. Seriously, I suck and I feel super crappy about it. I want to say that I won’t do it again, but seriously, that is dumb too.

Now, when I originally wrote this post a few weeks back, I said that I was going to try a 10 project challenge.  Things changed today, though.  I found out that my not-so-LNS is seriously downsizing.  The owner has sold the building and will be doing most of her sales in the future through the web only, along with some by-appointment-only sales at another location.  So, essentially, I have lost my main cross stitch supplies source.  There are a couple of other LNS nearby, but this one was special to me.  I’d been going there almost as long as I have been stitching, and they had seen me move from beginning stitcher to an advanced stitcher. The owner had helped with fabric suggestions and colour substitutions, and never once questioned me when I bought a design that wasn’t my normal style… well, okay, maybe once.  She is a wonderful lady who has done a lot to add to my stitching pleasure.

So, today I paid her for the things I had ordered that she had in stock and used my store credit to pick up a couple of things I had been eyeing.  Then, bad me, I bought a few supplies from an online shop (things my nsLNS didn’t have in stock).  And now I am declaring myself a Stash Stitcher.  That’s right, for the foreseeable future I am using what I have already bought.  Exceptions are TW designs, the JCS issues I need to finish a series design I am working on and the ornament issue, things for gifts that I don’t already have a design for (weddings, babies, etc.) and the CreativFestival classes.  And, since I don’t have a full collection of DMC, I may occasionally need to buy some of that too.  Otherwise, I’ll do my best to make substitutions from what I already have.

I know, I can hear quanta and my parents thinking “Yeah, right.  Like this will ever happen.”  Maybe it won’t, but I’m going to try.  Goodness knows I have enough kitted up to keep me busy for years and years.

So long my favourite needlework store, not good bye.  I will miss you.  I do take some comfort from knowing that you will be around in some form if I need you.  Best of luck!

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1 Responses to The 50 Project Failure and a So Long

  1. Erica says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! This is supposed to be a hobby that relieves stress not adds to it. Do you enjoy your stitching? Have you found pleasure in the items you have purchased for yourself? Then don’t get uptight about little things like challenges. Challenges are all well and good and I admire those that can and do complete them. However, I don’t see the benefit if it is adding stress to a hobby I turn to in order to relax and unwind.

    Remember to enjoy your hobby and let it bring joy and peace to your life – however that happens!