August TUSAL, Santa and Something New

Late again with my Totally Useless Stitch Along post.  No surprise, I guess.  Here is what it looks like this  month:



It has actually shrunk a little because I removed the half finished crocheted Cthulhu.  I’ve decided I’m going to give him another try.  Although, oddly, the jar seems to have eaten one of his arms.  So, I need to do his tentacles and another arm now.  New things in the jar include a package for Mill Hill treasures from the Christmas ornament I finished recently, a yarn label from my newest knitting project, and a whole bunch of floss and yarn from all the projects I worked on this month and already shared with you.

If you would  like to learn more about the TUSAL, you can do so at the blog Dragon My Needle in this post.

What is my new project, you might be wondering.  Well, it is Interweave’s Central Park Hoodie, knit using Elann’s Super Cable Aran, a 100% cotton yarn.  (If you are wondering what it is like, think Super 10/Butterfly/Papillion but slightly thicker.)  I chose a very dark purple called Aubergine, which I hope will be a nice change from the blacks and greys I usually turn to in the colder months.  So far I have the ribbing for the back done.  My goal is to keep up with the KAL that Interweave is currently hosting, which means that the hoodie should be done by Halloween.


I’m also working away on Baby Man’s stocking.  Santa now has feet!  I worked on it a bit more after I took this picture yesterday, so his staff is now done, and I’ve started on the drum that will rest on this hip.  This man actually be done before Christmas Eve.


That’s it for today!  Tomorrow I’ll share with a list of all the projects I’ve worked on for the past seven days.  Sure proof that I have an attention span shorter than even Baby Man’s, and he’s only a year and a half old!

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1 Responses to August TUSAL, Santa and Something New

  1. Branlaadee says:

    Just came by to see your TUSAL progress. Hopefully Cthulhu will start acting right and we can see him.