Eyeless Ninja Needs Water

A day late again!   Not surprising, is it?  I did promise that I would share with you the list of projects that I worked on last week so you can see just how scattered I really am.  So, I worked on:

  1. Central Park Hoodie (no picture to share today, but I’m about 2/3 the way up the back)
  2. Dizzy Busy Bees from The Sweetheart Tree (see below)
  3. Hydrate (see below)
  4. Tesla
  5. Naughty or Nice Stocking (done the drum now!)
  6. Swirlygig (no picture because I’m going to enter it into this challenge)
  7. Cabled Corn Socks

I’ve added one new project to that bunch already this week, and I feel justified in doing so since Hydrate is done.  It is a crocheted water bottle holder for my mom, made using Bernat Sox in the colourway Crazy Hot.

Hydrate, August 2009

Funky, isn’t it?  The project I started to replace it is the ninja from the Creepy Cute Crochet book.  He is very nearly done, as you can see.  I just need to find some felt, and get a smaller crochet hook to make his shuriken. (The pattern calls for DMC Light Effects floss, which I happen to have.  Having multiple hobbies is very useful!)  I also am going to try my hands at making eyes using polymer clay.


The ninja is from the same book as the Cthulhu that is giving me trouble.   I used a one size bigger hook to make the ninja, and I think his shape is much nicer.  I think I will start the Cthulhu again, and hope that I will be able to conquer his tentacles this time.

Besides cross stitching Baby Man’s stocking, I’ve also put a little bit of time into Dizzy Busy Bees by The Sweetheart Tree.  You might remember a while back that I said I was terrified of bees.  This is part of my attempt to get over that fear.  They are everywhere, and if I have to take Baby Man outside to play, I better stop being so afraid.


This is actually a used chart, so I had to hunt down my own bee charm.  I managed to get one from Artbeads.com for next to nothing.  Hopefully it will be the right size.

And another piece of news, Melissa over at The Daily Mel is having a draw to celebrate 8th year anniversary/1000th post.  Pop on over and read about it on this post.  To whet your appetite, here is what she is giving away:


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