Aren’t Those Fetching?

Happy Thanksgiving!  Okay, I’m a day late and the turkey is almost gone, but I do hope all of my Canadian readers had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend.

When surfing the interwebs this weekend, I noticed a lot of people asking what Canadian Thanksgiving is about.  We don’t have pilgrims and Native Americans as part of our Thanksgiving “myth.”  Canadian Thanksgiving is simply about… wait for it… giving thanks for the fall harvest, our blessings, and whatever we happen to be thankful for.  Because we are, generally speaking, further north than our American cousins, our fall harvest starts and ends earlier, which is part of the reason for the earlier date. (I say generally more north, but Portland, ME, for example, is a fair little bit further north than I am here in Toronto.)  If you’d like to know more about Canadian Thanksgiving, check out this Wikipedia article.

Anyway, on to the knitting and cross stitch!

This weekend, not only did I cook a turkey dinner (with some help), I also knit a pair of Fetching.  I used the leftover Super Cable Aran (in colour 6434 Aubergine) from my Central Park Hoodie.  I did knit a pair, but I need one hand to hold the camera.  So, just image another hand, with the cables crossed the other way.  (Isn’t that a nice touch?)

Fetching by  Cheryl Niamath (

Fetching by Cheryl Niamath (

I wore them out today, and I will admit I felt a bit like a Charles Dickens street urchin wearing fingerless gloves, but they did the job.  My hands stayed warm, and I was able to wipe Baby Man’s nose with a tissue without taking them off.  That is a total win in my book.

I also made some progress on Sampler de Noel 2009, and discovered why my stitching is so off centre.  It turns out I’m using fabric that isn’t the same count in both directions.  I used this fabric last year when I stitched Teresa Wentzler’s Father Winter Ornament, which is supposed to be square. Click that link and you will see that it is not even close to square.  And look at my Sampler de Noel 2009.  That empty oval is suppose to be a circle.  Yikes!

Sampler de Noel - Part 5+

Sampler de Noel - Part 5+

To make sure the whole piece will fit, I stitched the rest of the left border.  I still need to stitch the bottom border, but I can tell it will fit and leave me about 4cm (~1/5″) left.  I really need to find the larger piece I cut this from and remove it from my stash!

My first Creativ Festival class is Thursday evening, and I’m totally booked all day Friday and Saturday.  I’m also planning to attend the dinner on Saturday night since Erica talked me into it.  And Sunday morning I’m going to Jennifer Aikman-Smith (Dragon Dreams) and Teresa Wentzler’s talk about creativity.  I’m very excited, although I’m pretty sure that my I won’t get total shopping satisfaction since there will be so few cross stitch vendors.

Two more things to tell you about:

  • Dip Diddly Designs is having another draw.  Stop by to read all about it.  She also has a great freebie in the same post.
  • Anna from Stitch Bitch turned me on to Regretsy.  Check it out, but be prepared to a lot (and I mean A LOT) or not safe for work/little eyes stuff. Yikes!  The first image to load right now is off lady parts.  You’ve been warned.
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3 Responses to Aren’t Those Fetching?

  1. Missy Ann says:

    Love the fingerless gloves, sadly living in Houston I can not justify a pair. 🙁

    And that Regretsy link made my day.

  2. Giovanna says:

    Those gloves are gorgeous! I’m contemplating a pair for myself at the moment (in a different cable pattern) – glad to read they work as they should, definite must now 🙂
    .-= Giovanna´s last blog ..Darn again =-.

  3. Autumn says:

    I love that purple. I’ll bet they look great with your hoodie!

    Cables still scare me. 🙂