Fall 2009 Creativ Festival – Part Two

Yesterday I told you a bit about the classes at the Creativ Festival and showed some pictures of my class pieces. Today, I thought I would tell you a little bit about the shopping and the people.

First, shopping. The number of cross stitch related booths has dropped considerably over the past couple of years. I don’t know if this is because of the economy, or because Stitching Jubilee happens the same weekend down in the States or what. This year there were only six booths selling cross stitch including Enchanting Lair, X’s and Oh’s and a local shop (which only took cash, so I had to bypass them since I didn’t bring any.  Whaa!).  There were lots of other booths though, selling everything from quilting supplies to knitting things to beads and jewellery findings.  It is so great to have a show that gets all kinds of crafts in the same room.  It seems like inspiration is everywhere, and I am more inclined then ever to learn to quilt! (That will just leave jewellery making and scrapbooking left to conquer, I think. Oh, and tatting, but I have tried that.)

Overall, unfortunately, there were quite a few less vendors than in previous years.  And some large vendors had greatly reduced booth sizes; Mary Maxim and Herrschners come to mind here.  The isles also seemed narrower, making the show feel very crowded.  But, I had a great time anyway, and was still able to get some new stash.

Silk Yarn and Shawl Pin

Silk Yarn and Shawl Pin

Cross Stitch Stash and Fabric

Cross Stitch Stash and Fabric

As you can see, I did pretty well.  I got several things from Enchanting Lair, including the chart Blessed Be and the kits for Celtic Sewing Box and Enchanted Garden.  The later will be one of my first projects once my Christmas stitching is done since it is so pretty. I also snapped up X’s and Oh’s new chart Spooky House.

I think my favourite find was the pink breast cancer ribbon fabric at the back of the second picture.  I’ve been searching for breast cancer ribbon fabric to use with Lizzie*Kate’s Peace, Love and a Cure but I’ve had no luck.  Well, I found some great fabric in the Len’s Mills booth and bought a whole yard of it.  (I don’t know why they were selling by the yard rather than by the metre.)  When I got home, I discovered it is the same fabric used in the model on the chart.  What a find!  I really had no idea, and I am just tickled pink.

Besides shopping, I went to the “gala” dinner on Saturday night, and both the food and the company (Erica, Barb, and others) were wonderful.  Afterwards was a fashion show of items from Paula Lishman (famous for her knitting with fur), Jane Slicer-Smith, Sweaterkits (where I got that lovely silk yarn), and two men who do felted coats who’s names I have forgotten.  Some of the pieces were things I want to knit, some were just plain wonderful, and some were a little odd.  But isn’t that always the way with fashion shows?

It was nice to be able to spend the weekend with people who speak my language.  When I say I stitched The Wedding twice they know what I mean and understand why I don’t like to stitch large sections of white any more.  When I say I can’t knit with cashmere, they feel sorry for me.  When they tell me about their latest project or hand me some silk to fondle, we understand each other.  It makes we wish I had some crafty friends in everyday life.  (Here’s hoping Baby Man grows up to be a knitter!)

One thing I discovered at this year’s festival is that stitching and knitting in isolation may not be such a bad thing.  I’ve done a lot of different techniques with my stitching (cutwork, piles of speciality stitches, etc.) and with my knitting (cables, socks, entrelac, etc.) because I didn’t know they were hard or something I should be afraid of.  It seems to me that sometimes when people get together and over analyze their craft they can scare themselves out of trying more difficult techniques.  But by taking classes, like the Cutwork Compass Rose, they can learn that something they thought was hard really isn’t.  And, I hope, that this will encourage them to try other techniques fearlessly.

I also don’t understand why everyone was teasing me about  my speed.  I don’t think I am a fast stitcher, and it was a little embarrassing.  That’s just me though, being shy and nervous about people.

Enough about the show and my silly navel gazing!  Don’t forget that today is Day 3 of Missy Ann’s 13 Days of Halloween Giveaway!  Head on over to her blog to find out more.

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3 Responses to Fall 2009 Creativ Festival – Part Two

  1. Tayfan2 says:

    This is one of the most enjoyable and insightful blog entries that I’ve read recently. The way you allowed us to journeyed with you was great. I love the part about being around others who speak your language. Eveythng was very well expressed and not over analyzed at all. It is sad about dissapearing shops & vendors.

  2. Erica says:

    I think you gave a very accurate assessment of the Festival, Silverlotus! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. I enjoyed spending some time with you (and meeting your Mom too!).

    I apologize if I was one of those folks who teased you about your speed – but you *do* work fast and beautifully (and I truly didn’t mean to embarrass you!). I’ve had my share of teasing over the years too – one year one teacher (whom I’ve forgotten) called me ‘Lady Electric Fingers’ and the name kind of stuck, although thankfully I don’t hear it as often anymore as I used to! I know for me this year, having fast stitchers was a very good thing – because I could borrow their pieces to show other class members where we were going with it since I had no model to share.

    I agree with you about working in isolation – I never realized that all the specialty stitches that come so easily to me were supposed to be hard or that people found them hard. Meeting up with other stitchers who struggled with stitches was an eye-opener. I didn’t realize linen was supposed to be difficult either, until I took a class where the instructor spent lots of time teaching folks how to stitch over 2…..

    And I really wish I had enough time to pick up a shawl kit at the show – it’s just so darned pretty! Oh well, next year, right?
    .-= Erica´s last blog .. =-.

  3. Missy Ann says:

    Oh I love that shawl pin! I have high hopes for knitting. I have just over an inch of a very wonky looking dish cloth done at the moment.

    I learned to do french knots before anyone told me they were hard. Same with queen stitches. Isolation can be a good thing, sometimes.
    .-= Missy Ann´s last blog ..3rd Day of Halloween =-.