A Trio of Ornaments

I love it when I finish a design, and I love it three times as much when I finish three!

First is Perforated Paper Dragon Ornament from Dragon Dreams (Creativ Festival class). Jennifer designed it so that one colour was our choice (the belly and wings). She brought a large bag of silks to the class for us to go through, and I picked Caron Waterlilies Iris. He is a lovely 3-dimensional little guy, with separate wings and treasure. The arms fold forward, so the hands are actually stitched on the back of the perforated paper (which is why they are not blue; be warned, the new painted perforated paper from Mill Hill is only painted on the front).

Perforated Paper Dragon Ornament by Dragon Dreams

If you’ve been over to Erica’s blog in the past day or so, you may have noticed that our dragons look a lot alike. Well, we tend to like a lot of the same colours and when I picked my purple she just said “I’ll  have what she’s having”. We still managed to make our dragons look different though, since she went with Waterlilies Passion for her dragon’s treasure (as it is charted), but I decided to use Iris for mine. (There are two other treasures, a present and a candy cane, but we picked the same thing again, this time without realizing.)

Finish number two is Peace Ornament, also from Dragon Dreams and another Creativ Festival class. It is a quick and easy stitch, but cutting it out was fiddly. If you look really closely, you can see I made a small mistake and cut down the centre of one of the unstitched arms.

Peace Ornament by Dragon Dreams

The third finish is another Dragon Dreams design from the Creativ Festival (see a theme here?). Jingle was Jennifer’s beginner class, and it is super cute. Take note, it is on perforated paper and uses Fuzzy Stuff. So, if any of you experienced stitchers are avoiding either of these, be brave! Jennifer thinks beginners can handle them, and so do I.

First, here he is without his Fuzzy Stuff fuzzed up:

Jingle by Dragon Dreams (not fluffy)

And then after few pokes with the hook end of Velcro, and the attachment of a bell, we have:

Jingle by Dragon Dreams

And see those two perfect knots for eyes? I finally, after, what, three years now, got Jennifer to show me how to do a Colonial knot properly. She shows us all ever year, but the classes are usually too big for me to be able to see it properly. The beginner class only had four people (and only one real beginner), so she was able to spend the time and show me. Turns out that I had it right, I was just picking it all up to soon, and losing the knot in the process. So, no more cheating by tying knots on top of the work or adding beads, I can do a proper knot now!

Don’t forgot: Missy Ann and Annette’s 31 Days of Halloween is almost over. (And I still haven’t won. 🙁 ) Head over to Annette’s to enter today’s draw.

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