Celtic Charm and a Dragon

Today was the first day of Creativ Festival classes for me. I’m sure you all know by now just how much I love going to this event. I love the classes, teachers and students. I love working on the class projects, getting inspired by everything I see at the vendors booths, and, to be honest, I love getting a little bit of time away from my regular life to totally indulge myself in my hobbies.

I started the morning with a class with Laura Dickson of Enchanting Lair: Celtic Charm. The finished piece will go into a box top.

Celtic Charm by Enchanting Lair (WIP)

Laura was sad to tell us all that she won’t be teaching at the Creativ Festival next year. I suspect there won’t be much in the way of needlework classes for me to take, but that is just the way the world goes.

Next up was Whitework Dragon with Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams. I didn’t get too much of it done because my light died partway through the class. I also had a bit of a headache, so I mainly worked on that purple sock I shared a picture of the other week. I did win the class door prize: a collection of DMC linen threads. (Thanks, Erica!)

Prize: DMC Linen Threads

And, I rounded out the day with a seminar on creativity, again with Jennifer. She talked about the ways we can nurture our creativity in small, stolen moments, and about keeping a book of creative doodles, pictures of textures, etc. These are the little bits I worked on in the class:

Creativity Bits

I’m not so sure about the word I picked. I think I need to work on it a little more, since it doesn’t quite capture what I’m working towards.

Tomorrow I have two more classes with Jennifer, another class with Laura, and a beading classes. If I were to say I am a beading novice, that would be an understatement! But apparently this class is fairly easy, and the finished product is fabulous!

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4 Responses to Celtic Charm and a Dragon

  1. WhizGidget says:

    Whitework. Dragon. !!!!! WANT WANT WANT

  2. Lucky you for winning the DMC linen – I love the colours! I’m glad you’re enjoying the show so far; wish I could have been there…

  3. Blu says:

    Glad to hear that you had a great time.
    Looking forward to seeing the finishes. *Cracks whip*

  4. Christine says:

    Some really great classes this year, weren’t there. I’m nearly finished Jennifer’s 3D Paperwork Dragon. Not sure which project I’ll do next, so much to choose from. Fun!