Copyright Info for Needleworkers

A link to a new blog was included in the announcement of  the release of October’s The Gift of Stitching: Needlework Copyright Information. This is a blog put together to provide information to stitchers about what is okay when it comes to charts and sharing.

It is important to remember that copyright rules differ from country to country, and what is true for the writers of the blog may not always be true in your country. However, whatever the laws of your country state, I think we need to remember that designers only get money when we purchase a chart through legal means.

If you want your favourite designer to keep designing, you need to buy their charts. Designers are not rich. They need to make a living just like the rest of us. (I know a couple so I know this to be true!) If you say you can’t afford to buy a chart, then how do you expect to be able to afford to by the materials to stitch it? If the chart you want is too expensive, save up for it, or look for something similar that costs less. (Also be aware when you purchase a chart used, the designer does not benefit. It is true that this is the only way to get many out of print charts, and I’ve bought several used charts myself recently for just that reason.)

I will note one thing not mentioned on the blog: in Canada and the U.S. it is legal to make a working copy of a chart that you own. However, it is not okay to lend out your chart to someone else while you stitch from your working copy. Really, it is just common sense. Be smart and be fair to the designers that provide us with fabulous designs and fuel our hobby.

And to come totally clean, yes, I have had photocopied charts in my stash. But they were long ago replaced with legitimately purchased copies or thrown away. I can honestly say that I have never stitched anything from a chart that I did not own (or borrowed, trusting the owner not to stitch it at the same time), nor will I ever do so.

On a lighter note, today is day 2 of the 31 Days of Halloween and it is Missy Ann’s turn to host the draw. Head over there to enter!

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