September Review and October Goals

Happy October!  This is my second favourite month of the year, and usually the busiest, bar December and Christmas. This month is all about family birthdays, Thanksgiving, and the Creativ Festival. I’m really looking forward to every single day.

September didn’t go quite as planned. While we did go on our getaway and attend a nice family dinner (yum, real Chinese banquet!), a nasty cold all but knocked me flat for about the last week. All of that meant that I wasn’t able to find time to post or to answer questions about the ornament finishing. With regards to the latter, I will do a post on it some time this month when I’ve got an ornament ready to finish.

So, my September goals were:

  • Update my cross stitch supply database – Done!
  • Set up a personal monthly sock club – Almost done (printer isn’t working so this is a little delayed)
  • Set up a personal ornament of the month club (thank you to Erica for this idea) – see above
  • Finish my punch needle kit (the replacement thread arrived about 2 weeks ago) – Done!
  • Knit or crochet two pairs of slippers for charity- one pair done and second started
  • Finish my long languishing Rosebud SocksDone!
  • Start and finish Terrapin Lace Socks for a Ravelry KAL – knitted Clapotis instead
  • Finish the inner border on Kitchen BlessingsDone!
  • Start and make good progress on TW’s Playful Kittens see below

I’m very happy with how well I did, except for the slippers. But, I found out that I actually have until the end of this month to get them finished, so I feel a little better.

Like I said, October is going to be busy, so I need to be more realistic with my goals. They are:

  • finish second pair of slippers for charity
  • knit at least one bewb for charity/Ravelry KAL
  • finish Halloween ornament (the Ink Circles one from this year’s JCS Halloween issue)
  • start Kai-Mei socks, and finish at least one (they are the green pair in the small pictures at that link)
  • make significant progress on the outer border of Kitchen Blessings
  • finish TW’s Playful Kittens

Here’s where Playful Kittens stands today. There isn’t too much left to stitch, although there is a whole pile of backstitching. I suppose it wouldn’t be a TW otherwise.

Playful Kittens by Teresa Wentzler (WIP)

One last thing: this year Missy Ann‘s 13 Days of Halloween is 31 days thanks to the help of Annette. Annette will be hosting the draws on odd numbered days and Missy Ann on even numbered days. Be sure to stop by their blogs to enter. Today, being the 1st, is Annette’s turn.

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