Is That For Both Arms?

As I’ve mentioned before, overall my October goals are going well. However, the little shrug/cardigan that I would like to have made to wear next weekend is quickly becoming a disaster. The yarn, Estelle Cloud Cotton Eco, is soft and lovely to work with. I like my needles too, which are from my Denise interchangeable set. What I don’t like, however, is how the pattern has had me make a sleeve that I could almost fit two arms through!

Top-Down Shoulder Warmer

It the picture above the sleeve looks  a little bit, but not too bad. But when I try it on…

Top-Down Shoulder Warmer (sleeve)

you can see what should be a slim fitting sleeve is far from it. I suspect that the pattern wasn’t test knit in the larger sizes, and if I had been smart and read through the notes in other Ravelry projects I would have known to  make the sleeves smaller. I’m going to have to rip back the entire sleeve and try decreasing it a few stitches to see if that helps. (The extra-large size has 72 stitches for the sleeve, the large has 70 and the medium has 68. Since I am knitting the sleeve in the round instead of flat, as the pattern is written, I will try decreasing the sleeve down to either 68 or 66, depending on some tricky math I will attempt this evening.)

I will be overjoyed if I can get this done for next weekend, but at this point I think I won’t rush. I  love the idea of this garment so much I want to make a second one out of another colour of yarn, so it is more important to me to get it right than it is to get it done for a self-imposed deadline.

In happier news, today is day 15 of Missy Ann and Annette’s 31 Days of Halloweeen. Head over to Annette’s for today draw and go to Missy Ann’s for the start of the scissor crypt tutorial.

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1 Responses to Is That For Both Arms?

  1. Grace says:

    I am sure you will find just the right fit…keep at it…..looking forward to seeing a finished pic. I knit socks now…and some shawls….gave up on sweaters. I do like shrugs though and have a very simple very old pattern that I like. Isn’t the Annette/Missy drawing contest fun…they are clever.