Making Progress

Halloween is getting closer, and I still haven’t finished up Ink Circle’s By the Full Moon. I am getting close though:

By the Full Moon by Ink Circles (WIP)

It is stitched on another piece of fabric from that sampler package I got from Ayrloom (through eBay), using DMC treads.

I’ve also been working on another pair of commissioned sock. These are Kai-Mai from Cookie A.’s fabulous book Sock Innovation. The yarn is Crystal Palace Maizy (a corn fibre and elastic mix) in a very bright purple (too bright for me, surprisingly).

Kai-Mei from Sock Innovation by Cookie A. (WIP)

That’s them stretched on my homemade sock blockers. They do a surprisingly good job, but I should have made them just a hair larger. If you’d like to make your own, here’s the directions I used.

And, I have been able to fix the sleeve of my Top-Down Shoulder Warmer! I had to decrease from 72 stitches to 62! That’s pretty substantial, for those of you that don’t know much about knitting. Consider that I am getting approx. 19 stitches to 4″ (not quite guage, but not far enough off to account for the huge sleeve), I took out about 2″ from the sleeve size. Right now I’m working on the second sleeve, and then I can try it on to be sure the back isn’t too big. Wouldn’t that be funny?

And don’t forget: today is day 17 of Missy Ann and Annette’s 31 Days of Halloween giveaway. (Aren’t they super generous!) Head over to Annette’s to enter today’s draw.

I’d also like to say thank you so much, ladies, for all the comments lately. 🙂 I know I don’t get out there to comment very much, and I really do need to make more of an effort, but yes, I really am that shy.

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3 Responses to Making Progress

  1. Missy Ann says:

    Well I feel like a huge slug for being too lazy to post comments most of the time.

    I love the color of that sock! And the pattern that’s developing.

    That Ink Circles is too cute. I had fun stitching mine. So much I may stitch it twice. Oh wait, I will be – most of it appears on her Masquerade design. 😀

  2. Annie says:

    Love how the Halloween design looks on that fabby! And the purple socks are coming along nicely. I love hand knit socks!

  3. Pauline says:

    Oh my, that purple sock pattern is gorgeous! I love the er ‘lace work’ (is that what it is called?) down the foot part!

    Nice stitching as always! And your shrug! I hate undoing knitting, so kudos to you for doing so!