February Review and March Plans

You may remember that I’ve decided not to set monthly goals this year. Instead, I have a set of goals for 2011 that I am working towards all year.

They are:

  • Complete all 12 10 remaining ornaments in my personal ornament-of-the-month club (one per month)
  • Complete all 12 10 pairs of socks in my personal sock-of-the-month club (one per month)
  • Stitch Joan Elliot’s 12 Days of Christmas for my mom
  • Knit a cardigan for my mom to wear when she visits the Vatican in June
  • Complete Victoria Sampler’s Christmas Treasures and have it mounted in its box before December
  • Complete the five four Victoria Sampler alphabet samplers I have
  • Finish Enchanting Lair’s Kitchen Blessing for my husband
  • Finally decide on a birth sampler for Baby Man and finish it
  • Improve my sewing skills

This month I did finish both my February socks (Kai-Mei) and the February ornament (Hollyberry Heart). I also did some work on 12 Days of Christmas, but not too much since I was struggling so much with the chart (I suspect that getting my new contacts will help with my problems; I am near-sighted, but I am so dependant on my contacts that they do have some effect on all of my vision, near or far.) I also finished up Kitchen Blessings, and I will share a picture tomorrow.

For March, as usual, I will work on my socks and ornament. I will also focus on finishing up the cardigan for my mom (one sleeve and about half the body are done). 12 Days of Christmas will also get some attention, although I suspect working on a Christmas design in March will be difficult.

I’d like to work on another Victoria Sampler alphabet sampler (S is really calling to me), but after finishing Kitchen Blessings, my husband asked if I would work on another piece for him. Several years ago I started Chinese Dragon from Pinn Stitch for him, but I haven’t touched it in ages. Here’s where it stood when I took a picture of it two years ago (and I haven’t progressed on it at all):

Chinese Dragon by Pinn Stitch (WIP)

So, that will be my second focus piece, along with 12 Days of Christmas. Do you notice a theme this year? I seem to be doing a lot of things for other people. And I haven’t even mentioned that hat I will be doing for my dad, or the Annis shawl for my mom. I think my theme for 2012 will be “All Mine!” 😉

I also wanted to say thank you to all 41 of my followers. I really appreciate each and ever one of you. And, if I can reach 50, I’d love to host some sort of giveaway.

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One Response to February Review and March Plans

  1. Christine says:

    LOVE the dragon. Can’t wait to see further progress photos.