Certified Creative Soul

Another finish! Yay!

I am a Creative Soul, designed by Jennifer Aikman-Smith

The pattern is I am a Creative Soul by Jennifer Aikman-Smith of Dragon Dreams. It was a class project from the fall 2011 Creativ Festival here in Toronto.

I love how this design was done. Jennifer gave us the pattern, which included some blank boxed out areas; several sheets of specialty stitch instructions; and a basic colour key that said things like “wild overdyed over 4 specialty stitch of your choice”. For the class we brought a piece of fabric, two different overdyeds (one light and one dark), and some beads. Jennifer then provided us a choice of several wild overdyeds (I ended up using one from my oops silk stash), a choice of a couple of neutral overdyeds, and a choice of a pile of different Mill Hill braids. We also got some interesting beads (which I didn’t use), and Shrinky Dink charm made by her and her daughters (everyone got a different one).

The result: a truly original design that we collaborated on.

I thought about making detailed notes on what I did, but I ultimately decided just to go with the flow and have fun. If anyone is interested, I could probably tell you what a particular fibre is. I can tell you the green star is button 3312 from Just Another Button Company, but I only remember that because I just bought it (I thought that square needed a little something since I didn’t like the stitch I picked for it).

I loved stitching this design. Best of all, when I showed the finish project to my husband he said “So, now you are a certified creative soul.” lol!

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5 Responses to Certified Creative Soul

  1. Darlene says:

    Your completed project looks so nice.

    You are getting your class pieces done and now I want to try and get a couple of mine done.

  2. Erin says:

    Very nice! Jennifer is such a smart lady, designing a pattern to help you make your own personalized design. Well done, both of you!

  3. Zeb says:

    Truly unique indeed, lovely! 🙂
    Ah yet one more reason why I wish I lived in America. I could go to these events!

  4. Caitlin says:

    beautiful finish 😀