SKYP Socks

Yep, skyp not skip.

Simple SKYP Socks, designed by Mushroom Knits

SKYP is actually a series of stitches – slip one, knit one, yarn over, and pass the slipped stitch over those two stitches. It makes a lovely little pattern, just right for breaking up a wee bit of pooling. And while I really enjoyed knitting these socks (the last pair in the Summer of Socks KAL), I’m a bit sad that the pattern doesn’t stand out better. The yarn is just too dark.

So, the knitty (haha) gritty details–Pattern: Simple SKYP Socks from Mushroom Knits (free on Ravelry); Yarn: Dye-Version’s Bamboo Stretch Sock in colourway Nightingale. I made the cuffs 3″ long before starting the heel. Since I’m rather short (5’1″ if I stand up tall), this actually gives me a nice length for the cuff, long enough to keep a cool breeze from blowing up my pant legs, but short enough that I don’t feel like they go halfway up my legs.

Next on the sock needles is a pair of colourwork socks I started ages ago, as well as a pair of plain socks in a wild yarn that I’ll knit to pass the time while waiting for the little man’s school bus.

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