Flashback 2001

Ah, the start of the new millennium. It feels like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it? (I’m one of those people who swears that the 90s ended only a couple of years ago.) This was the year I finished university, moved out of my parents’ home and started living in the real world.

Castle, designed by Teresa Wentzler

Castle, designed by Teresa Wentzler

The beginning of the year was spent studying for final exams, having job interviews, and getting ready to become an adult. I didn’t get much stitching done until the summer, when I finally finished up The Castle designed by Teresa Wentzler. This was the first piece that I stitched on linen, Confederate Grey Belfast that was sent to me by a lovely lady from RCTN. (I wish I could remember who it was, but it has been so long. Did any of you send some fabric to a girl in Canada sometime before 2001?) I added the blending filament as per the instructions that were floating around at the time. (And here they are!)

Happy Halloween, designed by Dimensions

Happy Halloween, designed by Dimensions

I also stitched up this cute Halloween banner, which I still hang up every year. This is when my boyfriend (now husband) began to realize how much I love Halloween. He still struggles with my obsession every year, although I tone it way down to keep the peace.

Sitchers' Verse

Stitchers’ Verse

I also finished up Stitcher’s Verse in 2001. I’ll be totally honest and tell you this was stitched from a photocopy of the pattern. There is a bit of a story behind it, but essentially it was given to me years earlier by a friend with the all supplies when I was really down and was visiting her to get away from things. Her heart was in the right place and so was mine. Unfortunately, I don’t know who designed this, so I haven’t been able to buy a copy to make things karmically right. I’ve also never framed it. 🙁 I should take care of both of those things very soon.

Millennium (WIP), designed by TW Designworks

Millennium (WIP), designed by TW Designworks

And one last picture: Millennium designed by Teresa Wentzler. I didn’t get too far with this, and I’ve never picked it back up again. One day.

So, what were you up to in 2001? Did you start off the new millennium right?


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4 Responses to Flashback 2001

  1. Christine says:

    I can’t wait to see your Castle, once you’ve moved and found it again! 🙂

    And I did some digging for that verse chart. Couldn’t find a copy for sale, but did find this: http://crossstitchstash.com/BHG-Cross-Stitch-Country-Crafts-STITCHERS-VERSE-P3180146.aspx

  2. Thoeria says:

    Oh I have that stitcher’s verse 🙂 The words were written by Connie Quaddriand Beth McNeece did the design. The cover shows it as being a Cross stitch and Country Crafts chart 🙂 Hope that helps!

    The TW is beautiful!

  3. wendy says:

    We must be the same age as I graduated in 2000 too, and yes, it feels like it was a couple of years ago

  4. Joanne P says:

    Hmm, 2001 was a dry year for stitching! I finished my Millennium sampler (not the TW one), stitched a L&L design for my friend’s new baby and completed a L&L freebie angel which took about 6 months.

    There was a whole shedload of personal stuff going on that year so stitching took a back seat!