Needlework News

Interesting things have been happening out there. Timey-wimey dice, smuggling drugs, and so much in between.

    • 12 Doctor D12 – Robin Hobbs has created a super cool 12-side die that features the faces of The Doctor. Sadly, the War Doctor isn’t included amongst the faces. But, you can pick up the pattern for the portraits for yourself on her etsy shop. Edit: Here is the link to the pattern for the d12. Thanks Robin!
    • Stitching is my drug – Being addicted to cross stitch clearly means something different to a man in Alberta. A courier package heading for his home was seized by the police because it held five cross stitch patterns… all containing Oxycodone pills.
Not your typical cross stitch patterns. (Image from Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams)

Not your typical cross stitch patterns. (Image from Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams)

    • Pointy sticks – Knitting can be dangerous. An Australian man is suing his school board for a knitting accident that occurred in 2001, when he was 13. He apparently accidentally stabbed himself in the eye with a metal knitting needle. I can only imagine how terrible that felt.
    • Knitting Biblical scenes – A lovely display of knitted Bible stories was on display last month at Trinity Church in Barrow, U.K. Click through to see some really cute pictures.

And, lastly, check out this cute little movie. A knitted scarf is used like old film, and the results are just amazing.

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2 Responses to Needlework News

  1. Robin Hobbs says:

    Thank you for the mention! I’m not sure why the link to the Doctor dodecahedron isn’t working, but here is the link to the item you mentioned.

  2. Joanne P says:

    Do you know what I love most about the die? Opposite sides add up to 13, that’s real attention to detail!!

    Our church did the knitted bible last year, a lovely project for a community.