Power of Moms – Making My Machine

I’m still working my way through the Power of Moms program, and I am loving it even more. I mentioned earlier how making use of the Someday folder helped reduce some of the stress involved in our move. (I’m one of those people who wants to do everything now!! It is nice to have a place to park all those plans–off my mind–and know that I will still get to them.) Now I’m digging deeper and working through the M.O.M. in Two Weeks program (which is offered as part of the M.O.M. Premium program that I am following, or as an add-on to the regular M.O.M. program.)

My planner and to-do list.

My planner and to-do list.

So far I’ve got a planner going, and, my goodness, I forgot how much I love having an agenda. I used one from middle school all the way through to when I went on maternity leave (~ seven years ago). I do regularly use Google Calendar through my iPhone (and a PalmPilot before that) I find having everything written down makes it much easier to visualize how my days are going to go. It is also easier to slot in my little to do list and cross things off as I go. (For more on the To Do list, check out free Master the Whirlwind series for the basics.) And, ladies, lazy ole me is getting things done. It feels so good to cross things off my list and know that there isn’t something else I should be doing when I sit down to pick up my needle and stitch.

My desk and laptop.

My desk and laptop.

I’ve also got the folder system up and going thanks to M.O.M. in Two Weeks, and I’ve started dumping all that junk that is in my brain (lots of goals and someday stuff in stuck in there) into the proper places. I have an inbox (e.g cubby in my desk) for papers I need to deal with (and some yarn I need to do something with), a system for handing email, and places to put things I don’t need right now but will need at some point in the future. No more piles of papers on my desk!

It is still early days, and I need to work on getting together routines and find time to review things, but I am so pleased with how organized I am becoming. I don’t just feel organized, I really am. Seriously.

I’m making big changes and I love it. The Facebook group for M.O.M. Premium is also a big help, as well as the monthly webinars, since it all helps reinforce what I am doing. I love it! I’ll share more about my Power of Moms journey in another week or two, after I’ve had a chance to finish up with M.O.M. in Two Weeks and live with the system for a while.


In the meintime, why not check out the Master the Whirlwind series (it’s free!), or check out a free webinar about the program.

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4 Responses to Power of Moms – Making My Machine

  1. Gracie says:

    Having organization is good….. sounds like you have it under control.

  2. Dima says:

    I’m like that too lol. I love making lists and crossing things off. Although I’ve moved mine to One Note 🙂

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m so excited that this is helping you! So glad to see that it has helped you create time for what you enjoy the most!

  4. April Perry says:

    This makes me feel giddy. Thank you!!!! xoxo