Smalls SAL – August 2017 Check-In

Hello, Smalls Stitchers. Yes, you read that right. I’m just now posting the August check-in. I have never been this late before, so I hope you will forgive me. I won’t offer any excuses, but I will say that I am sorry that I didn’t post it when I said I would. It will not happen again.

On to the stitching!

Celestial Sleigh, designed by Mill Hill

This month (okay… last month) I decided to get to work on some new Christmas ornaments. Normally I’m well into my Halloween stitching by this time of the year, but for various reasons (including a terrible Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue), I’m just not feeling it this year. So, Christmas stitching it is!

I stitched the Celestial Sleigh from the new Mill Hill Sleigh Ride series. Since I am boring, it is stitched as per the chart, using the included beads, threads, perforated paper, and charm. And I have to say that I adore it. My Christmas tree tends to have lots of white and blue on it, so it will be right at home.

So, what did you stitch in August? I really can’t wait to see. Please scroll down to near the end of this post and add your link to the list. Due to my mistake, the link list will remain open to new entries until Saturday, September 9th at about midnight Eastern time.

When leaving your link, please be sure to use the permalink for you blog post and use a picture of your finished small as your thumbnail. If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to help (and will school starting back up in a couple of day, I am also much more available than over the past couple of months).

Remember, for each month that you share a link to your finished small you will get one entry into the end of the year draw for a really cool prize.

Next Month – The next check-in will go live on my blog early in the morning Eastern time on Friday, September 29th, 2017. And I promise it won’t be late. 😉

Thank you so much for your patience and for stitching along with me.


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11 Responses to Smalls SAL – August 2017 Check-In

  1. Catherine says:

    Heather: I love this new ornament and in blues it is lovely.
    The Mom’s around here are celebrating the back to school week, the children went back on Tuesday of this week, I do not have children but love seeing them at the bus stop in the morning.
    Just joined the link, I hope to remember to post every month.


  2. Mary says:

    I love the sleigh series too! And I ALWAYS stitch Mill Hill just like the instructions say. This one is so pretty! I am happy you are just late and not that something happened in your life to prevent you from blogging! I have come to really enjoy this SAL! Thank you for doing it for us!

  3. Pamela says:

    What a pretty ornament! I love blue.

  4. Sheryl says:

    Pretty new blue ornament

  5. It’s all too easy for August to romp away – it did the same to me….!

  6. bethinil says:

    Rats! I did it again! Why do i have such trouble adding a link to your blog? Please forgive me. And thanks for hosting this…Gives me an excuse to find a small project to work on!

  7. Joanne P says:

    All linked up now. I love the little Mill Hill sleigh.

  8. Mary LeDuc says:

    It doesn’t matter if you were late posting; it gets really hectic in the summer. Your finish is very cute.

  9. Diane Prenatt says:

    Pretty sleigh! My post to the SAL last month got messed up–came out as a question mark. Sorry about that. (And BTW I agree about the Halloween JCS issue.)

  10. I finally gave up on the Mill Hill beading kits and sold them, I just couldn’t see the charts anymore. But I still enjoy crewel and will start a project for the holidays this month.

  11. I was late too…. I had the post in my drafts for 2 weeks but just didn’t get it posted until today!!
    Love your sleigh :o)