Safety First

I saw something a little strange this during my morning walk. As I was going past the nearby public school, I noticed a parent bringing her late child to school. She tried two different doors, and both were locked! How strange! I never remember the doors being locked at school, either in grade school or high school. Of course, I was finished with public school before the incidents in the U.S. and Europe.

Seeing the locked doors actually made me really sad. It is awful that we need to lock our children in to make sure they stay safe. It is getting more and more likely that I will home school my wee ones when the time comes. (Of course, I need to have children first.) I think that if I could make one wish it would be that everyone was safe from harm; no more murder, rape or abuse. Of course, I am aware that contrary to what the news would make you think, crime is actually on the decline. But it is hard to remember that sometimes.

In other news, I unplugged the toilet all by myself this morning! Yay me! Ladies, the book 100 Things You Don’t Need a Man For is a gift from the Goddess!

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