Flashback 2003

2003 was the year I started this blog, and it is also about the time that I started cross stitching obsessively more often. It was also the year that we moved from London, Ontario to Toronto. We were in a lovely little garden-level (e.g. basement) apartment not too far from High Park. It was a big move for us, and we loved it.

I already shared some of my 2003 projects in my 11th Blogiversary post. But, I stitched so much more than that!

Birthday Needleroll - May, designed by Victoria Sampler

Birthday Needleroll – May, designed by Victoria Sampler

This is Victoria Sampler’s Birthday Needleroll – May. I bought that kit from my then somewhat-LNS, Golden Threads in Hamilton. I loved stitching this! I think this is probably when I began to delight in doing fancy specialty stitches. It was a small enough pieces that I didn’t feel too intimidated, but large enough that I felt like I accomplished something.

Little bags featuring designs from Teresa Wentzler, Just Nan and Mirabilia

Little bags featuring designs from Teresa Wentzler, Just Nan and Mirabilia

I stitched up these little bags to store some Tarot Decks. From left to right they are Guinevere from Teresa Wentzler’s Camelot Sampler, Just Nan’s Swan Lake, and the middle fairy from Mirabilia’s Three for Tea. To be honest with you, I wish I had made the bags differently and included a channel for the ribbon. But, I wasn’t much of a sewest back then. Still, they turned out well enough, and I still use them.

Fanciful Butterfly, designed by Dimensions

Fanciful Butterfly, designed by Dimensions

This is Fanciful Butterfly from Dimensions. I loved stitching it because it is so delicate and pretty. It hung in our bedroom until our move, and will find a new home in my (purple!!) craft room very soon.

How was 2003 for you? I’m really enjoying seeing what everyone stitched and learning about what was going on their lives too. (An extra big thanks to Jo. You are awesome!)

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6 Responses to Flashback 2003

  1. Linda says:


  2. wendy says:

    Until June I was living and working in Poland, then I set out on the best adventure ever – from Warsaw, through the Baltics to Russia, across Siberia and Mongolia and on to China – all by train. Best three months of my life ever… so no stitching for me!

  3. Joanne P says:

    Wow, I love those little bags! Guinevere looks great like that. I might have to stitch the two portraits in a dual photo frame as I doubt I will ever stitch the whole thing!

    2003’s output was the same as 2002! I completed my son’s birth sampler and stitched one for a friend, plus two free angels. We had settled into a nice evening routine by January 2003, he had his last feed of the evening while watching Graham Norton’s chatshow on TV! It was a nice calm year after the excitement of the previous two LOL.

    Glad you are enjoying the updates!

  4. Betty says:

    Needle rolls are such fun pieces to stitch

  5. Kim McCool says:

    The bags are so pretty – they truly speak to me. Love your reflections on your creations from the past.

  6. Kerry says:

    Hi Heather, I love your blog! I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.