Getting Crafty

Hello from my new home! Our furniture and the majority of our boxes were moved last Tuesday, and we are getting settled in nicely. Unfortunately, most of my craft supplies are still at my in-laws. But that hasn’t stopped me from starting to get my craft room ready.

New worktable, just waiting for my sewing machine

New worktable, just waiting for my sewing machine

I chose a Galant desk from Ikea for my worktable because it is large, the height is adjustable, and I can easily add another desk to it later if I decide I need more room. I also picked out an Alex filing cabinet to hold some of my tools and patterns. Once I recover my sewing machine and serger from my mom, they will live on this table. (One on the table, and the other stored under, and I will switch them out as required.)

Yarn and fabric

Yarn and fabric


More yarn...

More yarn…

I’ve also started to fit my yarn, fabric and cross stitch supplies into the closet. Sadly, this is only a small portion of it. Part of me is very worried I won’t have enough room. You see, this will also be our guest room, and I want to make sure I leave room in the closet for guests to use.

I plan to add a pegboard over my worktable, set up my bookshelves on the opposite wall, and then get back to sewing as soon as possible.

Smalls SAL- I haven’t forgotten about the smalls SAL, and I hope you haven’t either. Tomorrow is August’s check-in day. And, amazingly, I have something to share!

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7 Responses to Getting Crafty

  1. kathy2eggs says:

    I have learned not to worry about space for guests. A week before they arrive, I empty a space for my sister. She always wants to browse thru my stash, so I keep it close by.
    Of course, keeping it organized is always convenient. Looks great, you will love your craft room, and a place for everything.

  2. Linda says:

    Love your new craft room. Can’t wait to see it finished.


  3. Thoeria says:

    Moving house, while stressful, is always so exciting!! I love setting up a new space and working out where what goes 🙂 Your space is looking good – once everything gets where you want it to be then you’ll realise you didn’t have to worry 🙂

  4. wendy says:

    I envy you a blank canvas crafting room! Mine is stuffed to the rafters and desperately needs rearranging, but that’s not so easy when it’s full.

    A question about the smalls. I haven’t had a chance to do a small X stitch this month, but I have done a small embroidery. Does that count?

  5. suz says:

    Organizing and setting up has to be one of my favorite things to do.
    Our guest bedroom is also my craft storage area (sadly, I don’t have room for an awesome worktable/desk like you, so I appropriate the dining room table as needed), and unfortunately, my guests just have to live without closet space, but at least they get a big comfy bed 😉

    I love the color on the walls!

  6. sheryl says:

    lovely craft room, such good light, lots of space and pretty walls. Can I have one too?

  7. Anna says:

    I’ll admit we wedge the guests into the study/guestroom. After all, we live here! But you are too good to think of them. What excitement to get to decorate a craftroom. I just get to clean mine–or not!